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12 gallon rimless acrylic tank and stand $50

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12 gallon rimless acrylic tank and stand $50

Post by Sparky on Thu 20 Jun 2013, 9:35 am

Bowfront Marineland 12 gallon and stand for sale. Took the all-in-one top off to make it into a rimless tank but still have all the original equipment. The lid contains the pump with bio wheel and light. Includes the heater, which is the preset nano version type. There are some very light scratches but most cant be seen when filled with water. There are 2 places that need a good buffing though. I'll throw in the Novus Acrylic scratch removal kit in for free. Asking $50 for the complete set up.
Can add live sand, about 3 inch deep bed, and live rock, approximately 15 lbs, for an additional $20
I'll be at the meeting Sunday and can bring it with me if anyone's interested.
Text me, Sparky, at 903-434-2685 for pics
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