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Tribal Blenny acting funny

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Tribal Blenny acting funny

Post by VanessaHernandez on Fri 27 Sep 2013, 1:52 pm

Ok, b4 I posted this I googled and found nothing Sad

So my tribal bleeny is acting pretty weird. All last night he went to the corner of the glass in the tank and just stayed there with its belly in the corner. This morning he sat at the bottom on the sand and he is now sitting on a rock but kind of like in a fetal position. I stuck my hand in there to see if he would move and it wasn't until I actually touched its head that it moved. He NEVER EVER lets me even get near him. And he has never ever stayed on the glass or the sand. He has is LR that he lives in, and hardly ever leaves it. Funny thing is, that when he swims, its like he chases its tail?? I mean like something is bothering him towards the back of his body and he tries to IDK?? Kind of like a dog licking its wound is what he is doing. And then he gets desperate and goes back to a rock in the fetal position with his belly on the rock. He is like bending, IDK. I don't see anything like the itch etc. etc .

He did have some poop hanging from his belly for sometime last night and then some this morning?? could he be constipated? lol IDK.

Anyone seen this b4?

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