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JDavis's "Selling it all!"**SOLD**

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JDavis's "Selling it all!"**SOLD**

Post by J.Davis on Thu 15 Nov 2012, 9:44 pm

Selling out all my Saltwater stuff. I’ve been an avid hobbyist for over 6 yrs and have accumulated 6 years worth. I’m currently running a nice 120g Reef Tank with some of the best equipment available.
For Everything listed… $1700
IF I choose to part out, I will start a new thread. Please do not ask for “Dibs” on stuff. This thread is for EVERYTHING as a “Lot”.

The "List"

Yellow Tang 3"
Royal Gramma
Six Line Wrasse
Black Ocellaris Clown Fish Pair
Maldives Lyretail Anthias Pair
Yellow-tail Damsel (Sump)

Fire Shrimp
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
Fighting Conch
Pink Cucumber
Knobby Star
Stunning Ultra Teal Blue & Green Maxima Clam 3 - 4"
Ultra Dark Blue Crocea Clam 4 - 5"
Nice Derasa Clam 6+"
Rare Black Scutus 3"
Unusual Serpent Star

Beautiful Glowing Green 3-4 headed Torch Coral
Green Montipora Spongodes - half dollar sized
Single Tri-colored Ricordia - small
Small LR w/ several Watermeleon Shrooms + Feather-Duster
Purple Death Palys - 15 polyps
Rasta Zoas - 4 polyps
Baby Blue-eyes Zoas - 5-10 polyps
Gobstopper Zoas - 5-10 polyps
Kedds Reds Zoas - 20+ polyps

Pukani Live Rock Fully cured. Absolutely ZERO pest. Some established coraline, ZERO nuisance algea. Aprox. 75lbs. $5 per lb.
Mostly larger pieces, Pukani is easily cut to size with a common hand saw. Most porous rock available, best rock on the market.

100+ lbs. Florida Live Sand - Collected directly from Destin Beach, Fl.

120RR 48x24x24 Glass is in fair shape, few scratches. Black Trim. Black Oak Stand.
#1)Evolution 120w 20K second Generation LED fixture Separate cords and on/off buttons for blues & whites - SPS grows like weeds.
#2)Evolution 120w 20K second Generation LED fixture Separate cords and on/off buttons for blues & whites - SPS grows like weeds.
ReefKeeperLite Plus with EXTRAS! (2)PC4s, SL1 w/ Ph & Temp probes, ATO Float Switch w/ Aqualifter pump & MLC Module
Mag 9.5 return pump
ASM G2 w/ New Sedra 3500
#1)Koralia Evo 1400 Powerhead
#2)Koralia Evo 1400 Powerhead
TLF 150 Reactor w/ MJ1200 (needs "O" ring)
40g Breeder AGA converted into a Sump/fuge
200w Ehiem Jager heater - Bought new less than 2 months old
2- 5g standard water containers
Milwaukee MA887 Digital Refractometer
Milwaukee ph 600 hand-held digital Ph tester w/ calibration solutions
Red Sea Foundation Pro test kit KH-Ca-Mg used twice
Salifert KH/Alk Profi Test - New, never used
API Phosphate Test Kit - New, never used
API ReefMaster Test Kit - used
GE Digital Timer power Strip - 4 Timer Outlets/ 4 Normal Outlets
Aqualifter AW-20 pump
Titanium Grounding Probe
MJ900 Pump
TLF Magnetic Veggie Clip
Eshopp Magnetic 3 probe holder
1/2 Box ReefCrystals - 2 un-opened bag = 100g
Seachem Reef Dip 8.5 fl oz (90%)
Tropic Marin Pro-Coral Cure Dip 200ml (75%)
Kent Marine Essential Elements 8oz. (75%)
Kent Marine Coral Accel 8oz. (75%) Refridgerated
Kent Marine Garlic Extreme 1oz (90%) Refridgerated
Kent Marine PhytoMax 1oz (90%) Refridgerated
TLF Julian Sprung's MarineSnow 16.9 oz. (75%) Refridgerated

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